IN EARLY 2013, ABE AND SUZETTE TRAVELED TO ZAMBIA AND SOUTH AFRICA on a 10-day adventure that was life-changing for them. They spent time with the staff of Hands at Work, a Christian non-profit organization based in South Africa. Hands at Work (Hands) supports local churches and grassroots groups in caring for the orphaned and vulnerable in communities across the sub-Saharan Africa. Its mission is to help provide three essential services—health, education, and food security to the widows and orphans devastated by the HIV/AIDS pandemic.

Upon their return home they had shared their experience and observation, started to spearhead a partnership between Sunset Church and Hands, and established a short-term mission team to serve in Zambia, Africa.

20 years ago I spent 10 days serving the children and women in mountainous villages in the Golden Triangle, an experience which had rocked my world and expended my perspective. Since then I have been pursuing opportunities to serve the underprivileged both at home and aboard. Hearing from Abe and Suzette plus by further investigation into Hands at Work, my heart is stirred by the stories. Seeing the parallels between the sense of lost by my immigration experience and the vulnerabilities of the abandoned children Hands serves, I am called to serve alongside with the local care-workers and spend time with the kids/widows/dying there in Zambia.

On a Sunday in October 2013, I had the privilege of spending time with Hand’s founder George Snyman and heard him preached at Sunset Church. It has reaffirmed the purpose of the mission and my participation in the team.

Many has asked me what my expectations are. My only expectation is this: I am making myself available, God will complete the work for He is in full control in any situation. (Philippians 1:6)

Here I am, send me. (Isaiah 6:8)


The video is spot on. It is a personal reflection of Alicia Krawchuk, a volunteer of Hands at Work, February 2013.


The content of this blog post represents the sole views and opinions of me and other authors, not of Hands at Work.


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