THERE ARE THOSE WHO ARE CALLED to the fields and those who are called to send the workers. Yesterday the Zambia Team had the great privilege and honor of being commissioned and shared about our trip across seven different worship services—two in English, two in Cantonese/Chinese, and three with children.

As I am the only one in the team who speaks Chinese, I was tasked to represent the team by presenting in the Chinese worships. Although Chinese is my mother-tongue, I do not use it as often as English. I understand the Chinese characters, speaks it somewhat, yet I do not have any writing skill in the language. To ensure I could speak Chinese in an easy-to-understand way for our audience, I first used an online translation tool to convert the English-based content automatically into Chinese, heavily edited the resulted jabberish Chinese, then formatted it as bullet points. I also prayed for wisdom and clarity in speech (Isaiah 51:16). I am thankful for this preparation method for this actually broke the complex ideas down to its essence and then be rebuilt upon, which helped my memorization without reliance on stacks of presentation notes.

Although there were a few tiny technical difficulties when we were presenting, they did not hinder us. I am proud of standing together with the team to share our vision and being commissioned by the church. Extra glad that the worship attendees were smiling to us and we solicited a few good-natured chuckles from them. 🙂

✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣

Sunset Church of San Francisco Compared with Zimba, Zambia

Sunset Church of San Francisco Compared with Zimba, Zambia

Zimba is the village Sunset Church is supporting and the Zambia Team will be visiting. 70% of the children there live in “No-Parent” homes. No-parent homes means the head-of-household is a child who is raising their siblings because both of their parents have died—most likely of AIDS. If they are lucky, there may be a grand or great-grand parent around. At Sunset Church of San Francisco, we don’t have any children in no-parent homes.

We are committed to become representatives of God’s and Sunset Church’s love, to the vulnerable children and their local Care Workers of Hands At Work, at the village of Zimba and surrounding area, in the Copperbelt Region of Zambia, Africa.


Header image courtesy of Nozomi Tom. Infographics data courtesy of Abe Lee.

4 days to embarkation. 


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