AS I AM DEPARTING TONIGHT, I’D LIKE TO take this opportunity to say a sincere—

Apology to all the people I had wronged and harmed in the past, please forgive me;
Thank you to all the strangers who our paths have intertwined and crossed, for you have shown me that we are similar;

Thank you to all the acquaintances, for you had thought me a thing or two about life;
Thank you to all the current/former clients, colleagues and supervisors, for the collaborative opportunities have been creatively enlightening;
Thank you to all the teachers, counselors, and therapists, for you have thought me plenty about intellectual knowledge and personal development;
Thank you to all the Pastors and Lay-leaders, for your teaching combined with authentic personal examples has coached my walk of faith;
Thank you to all the fellow followers of Christ, for walking alongside with love and prayers;
Thank you to Sunset Church for sending us off to the field, for it is a privilege go on behalf of the church body;
Thank you to everyone in the Zambia Team, for being in the team and serve together;
Thank you to all those who has loved me romantically, for your hugs, kisses, tolerance, and acceptance of my weirdness;
Thank you to all the friends, for your comradeship, challenges, and tear-soaked shoulders have encouraged and contributed to our mutual development;
Thank you to all those who has allowed me into your circle, for your acceptance of my offering of time, action, and care has been a blessing for me;

Thank you to my brother “S” and my niece “A”, for the fond memories of the relationship we have;
Thank you to my sister “S”, my brother-in-law “E”, and my two nieces “C+C”, for your enthusiasm and being the glue of the family;
Thank you mom “A”, for giving birth to me and your motherly love;
Thank you dad “A”, for it is you who has inspired me on photography, on artistic creation, on reading, on cooking, and above all, on active serving;
Thank you Father God for creating the world, creating me, and for your Love and Grace;
Thank you Lord Jesus for your sacrificial love by dying on the cross and your resurrection to rescue someone like me and reestablish a relationship with me;
Thank you Holy Spirit for your consistent intercession and guide my walk of life.

Blessings to all of you!

 ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣

It’s taken too long, let’s cue the music to send this guy off, shall we?


Let go, let the world know you’re alive
Let the world know you believe
Let the world know you have love to give

Go tell it in the city
Go tell it on the mountains
Go tell about it til they hear!!


Canto De Ossanha (Let Go) by Astrud Gilberto. From the LP “September 17, 1969” Released: 1970. Track 5.


Outbound, Day 1. Internet connection there is spotty. I will send updates when I can.


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