Experience, In Zambia, Outbound


AFTER MULTIPLE LONG FLIGHTS, we have finally arrived to Kachele Farm—the place we are staying in the next 15 days—in Zambia!

When we checked-in at the ticket counter San Francisco International Airport trying to get all four flights’ boarding passes issued. 5 of us got ours issued without problems, yet United Airline could not issue Ethiopian Airline’s boarding pass because they could not locate the record nor they could access Ethiopian Airline’s record system. So for the first leg of journey we had the concern that 5 of us will continue with the journey but one team member’s journey would end in Washington D.C.

As soon as we landed in Washington D.C. We stayed and searched together for the Ethiopian Airline’s ticket agents’ counter. Discovering the location is outside of the secured area of the terminal, one of us accompanied the team member without the African bound boarding passes to go outside of the secured area. While the rest of the team remained within the gated area and keep watch of the two’s luggage.

Both of them returned soon, the missing boarding passes were issued quickly. The hiccup was due to Ethiopian Airline’s online booking protocol and its payment protocol do not communicate in a clear and efficient way. We are glad that the whole team were on all four flights. Yet it’s another test of our faith.

On the last leg of the flights—a 35 minute total air-time from to Lubumbashi to Ndola—a local D.M. Congoian traveler sat next to me. What’s printed on his shirt’s sleeves brings a smile to my face. You can bet I told him what my home town is.

We arrived at around 5:30 p.m., and had a quick orientation. Feeling faded took a quick nap, had dinner, caught a second wind, picked up a pretty steady wi-fi to leave a few words.

The team is tired and excited at the same time. Its surreal that after 15 mounts of preparation we are on the ground!


Roadside produce stand.

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