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IN PREPARATION FOR THE NEXT TEN DAYS OF ACTIVITIES we took today as a day of adjustment and rest. Some of us took an extended nap, several of us walked around the facilities and met several of the local workers in Kachele Farm. Its namesake is after a huge tree on the grounds named Kachele tree. Wanting to find out the right path, we asked a worker called Matthew—who was raking fallen leaves from mango trees—for direction. Instead of only pointing to us, he offered to put Myra and I on a truck and gave us a quick ride directly to the Kachele tree.

The tree is huge and it has a wide canopy. Noticing there are multiple deep slashes across the trunks—from the exposed roots above ground reaching upward almost to the top branches—we asked Matthew why.

He told us that years ago, the inhabitants around the area would come to this tree and hack the trunk diagonally with a machete multiple times, then they would place metallic wires right below the wounds, and connect the wounds together by winding the wire around the trunk downward. At the terminus was placed baskets to collect the tree’s oozing sap. Matthew went on and said the villagers would use the sap as rubber or a glue substance so potent it can stick a strong man on the spot which nothing can peel him off.

Matthew related this background story to us in sincerely and amusement, combined with his contagious laughter, he made Myra and I laughing the whole time.

On the way back, we asked him about his family background. Maintaining his cheerful attitude he related to us that he’s also an orphan before he turned nine years-old. Without any close relatives he traveled town-to-town with a friend his age, finally made it to Kachele Farm and found a new family.


Mattrew and I sticking in front of the Kachele tree.

Matthew and I sticking in front of the Kachele tree.

✣ ✣ ✣ ✣ ✣

Many of us are like the Kachele tree, wounded in many ways. Yet by the grace of God we are still standing tall, providing shades for others, and our sap is stronger than Krazy Glue.

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2nd day in Zambia.


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