I AM ONLY TAKING THE ESSENTIALS with me on the trip to Zambia. Selecting the items is a good exercise for it makes me ponder on what the essentials are and what is really needed. Afterall, the stuff I am taking is a lot more—quantity- and quality-wise—than what the children there have. One person’s junk is the other person’s treasure—I bet nobody wants a DSLR than a film camera now-a-days 😉 , and people’s sense of survival or comfort has no set ethno-econo-sociological standard.

I believe the things we truly need to survive are food, water, air, community, and love. First and foremost, God loves and watches over us! (John 3:16) I am also learning to be content with the things and circumstances given to me and continue to have the willingness to share with others.

There’s no need to bring any extra baggage with me on this trip and on my life’s journey. All I truly need is to have extra Grace.

Someone mentioned to me I will be a blessing to the children in the visit. Yes I’d like that to be the case. However, I am sure I will learn a lot from the children, their Care Workers, and other volunteers there.


2 days to embarkation.


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